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growth through private equity financing
Stages of Equity Funding
At the beginning stage of any business, the first funding that is put into the company is generally referred to as the "start-up" capital. In most cases, such funds are derived from the founder(s) of the company in the form of incorporation expenses, business licenses, insurance and other fees. Also, there are times where the initial funds may be borrowed from relatives or by way of a personal loan collateralized by personalized assets.

Following this, more funding will be needed to initiate the business' revenue starters, and these funds would most likely come from other external investors or angel investors in the form of "Seed" capital. Where these two types of investors differ (relatives vs angels) is that the angel investors are more involved in the day-to-day operations, whereas relatives are generally silent.
We charge:
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In committing our own funds, we can help you realize your project!
Project Range: $7M-$500M+

We are keenly aware of the fact that in this market, private equity investing in projects is first and foremost a 'people business' and we work by the fundamental philosophy and principle that our word is our bond.
gilles herard merchant banker private equity finance
Following the above stages and sometimes even after the initial start-up, people like Mr Herard, as a Merchant Banker, will become actively pursued. This will be the Growth (or "Ramp-Up") Stage, a position where the client company needs "deep pockets," firms and people like Mr Herard who have access to these Deep Pockets. 

So firstly an exhaustive Due Diligence needs to be performed to verify and validate all aspects of the company in order to fully protect the investors. In return, the investors will take an equity portion of the company in exchange for the risk being put forth.

If you have a project where you need private equity in order to get your project off the ground, or if you need private equity to grow you business, fill out the contact form and let's see what we can acommplish together.
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