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Private Equity Financing
Private equity financing is generally meant for those who are seeking funds for their start-up, as a first or second round of financing, late-stage funding, for an equity loan, or for the purpose of a merger or acquisition.

Equity funding is the process whereby an investor will lend funds to a project promoter/owner, and in return the project owner will surrender a percentage of ownership of his project or company. The percentage of ownership is dependent on a number of factors, but in general it is based on the value of the company at the moment when the equity investment is established. Eventually, the project owner may buy back those shares from the investor.

The main advantage of private equity funding is that, as the investor buys a share of the company, there are no recurring payments, as would have been found in debt financing.

If you have a project and are considering equity funding or a mix of a debt/equity financing, contact Gilles Herard, a Merchant Banker who has been in the banking industry for nearly 40 years and has career’s worth of experience in project financing and equity funding.
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